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So many of us want to live in the way of Jesus—pursuing a life that is deeply soulful, connected to our real needs and good news to our world. Yet too often our methods of spiritual formation are individualistic, information driven or disconnected from the details of every day life. If Jesus of Nazareth demonstrated and taught a revolutionary way of love that is actually possible, alive with healing and hope, then we need a path for experiencing that revolution in the details of our daily lives. This book explores how we can rediscover a sense of immediacy and action in our spiritual lives.

"Mark Scandrette has been a great inspiration to me for years now. This book gave me goose bumps just thinking about the possibilities that could arise if a group of people really did find a space where they could work out the vision and teachings of Jesus together in real life. Practical, wise, thoughtful and grace-filled, this book is a gift."  --Michael Frost

"Mark Scandrette helps us move our faith from a thought to a lifestyle. He offers us an irresistible invitation to open our lives to the many ways in which we can follow Jesus. Reading about his 'experiments' in faith makes you close the book and think, 'I can do this! I want to do this!'"   --Nancy Ortberg

Mark Scandrette is fascinating. He lives with imagination and beauty. This book is an invitation to love creatively and recklessly, so that we might do something to interrupt the status quo, surprise the world with God's goodness and fascinate the world with grace.'  —Shane Claiborne

"It has been a long time since I was this stirred and humbled by a book. Mark Scandrette is a voice for all who are 'sensing a pull towards a spirituality that is more holistic, integrative and socially engaged."         --Gary W. Moon, Ph.D.

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We were made to flourish and do good in a world full of abundance. Yet so many of us feel crunched for time, stressed in our finances or perplexed about what makes life meaningful. There is a trusted path for recovering the life of meaning, freedom and compassion were were created for. This journey invites us to adopt soul practices like gratitude, trust, contentment and generosity and practical skills like time management, goal setting and living by a spending plan. How do you want to be more free?

"In a word? REFRESHING! Mark and Lisa remind us of the seismic power in radical contentment, gratitude and generosity. You don't see that message in many places. Here is wisdom for the complexity of these issues and a simplicity that enables action. The result: free indeed." --Nancy Ortberg

"This book is an invitation to embrace the radical way of Jesus, to repent and rejoice, to foster simplicity and generosity, to open our lives to love, and ultimately to be free. The Scandrettes have produced the kind of practical guidebook to simplicity that we could return to again and again over the coming years." --Michael Frost

“My wife and I, along with ten of our friends, spent eight weeks working through Free and, quite honestly, it changed all of our lives. Unlike other books that simply offer time and money management techniques, this book takes readers on a journey of depth and reflection that reconciles our deepest values with practical steps on how we spend time and money.” —Ben Younan 

What was the essential message of Jesus, and what might it look like, in the 21st century,  to make a life in his way?  In this book Mark explores these questions through personal stories and creative reflections. SOUL GRAFFITI is  a practical tool for exploring a more holistic and integrative understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus.

 “Soul Graffiti is not so much a book as it is an encounter--a deadly serious encounter--with a Christianity that is urban, American, un-institutionalized, and now. If you truly like your own Christian walk just the way it is, you definitely should not read this book.”--Phyllis Tickle

“Mark Scandrette guides us in this beautifully written and brilliantly illustrated book along a path towards actualized spirituality in a postmodern world. The book provides new avenues to ancient truths.”--Tony Campolo

“Through Mark’s rich insights and reflections, and especially through his stories, you’ll get an honest and inspiring view of [the future of faith].”                          --Brian McLaren

Animate: Faith, An imaginative exploration of Christianity's big questions. 

Sparkhouse/ Augsburg Fortress brought together seven leading Christian voices to create an accessible, captivating exploration of big questions of the Christian faith – designed to spark conversation in faith communities like yours. From what we hear, it’s working. Voices including Mark Scandrette, Nadia Bolz-Weber and Brian McLaren.