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  • St. Andrew's Church, Garrett Lane
  • Earlsfield, SW18 4SR

Signs of haunting are all around us. The gap widens between the poor and the rich. Conflict rages between groups and nations. Due to our actions, even the future of the planet is threatened. If we aren't disturbed then we haven't been paying attention. What if the Beatitudes contain the keys to our liberation— a nine statement manifesto of a new way of thinking and being that can change our lives and our world?

During this one day training we will explore the revolutionary invitation of the Beatitudes, including group learning and exercises, periods of silent reflection and space to relax, recharge, connect and have fun. Participants will come away equipped with tools and resources to lead a Ninefold Path Beatitudes journey with others. 

Register here.  Sponsored and curated by Home Community Cafe and Church Mission Society