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The dynamic of your personality profoundly shapes the landscape of your spiritual journey. That’s why a spiritual discipline that is effective for one person might not be as helpful for another. 

Most of us get to a point in life where our normal patterns of thinking and being aren’t working and we feel stuck. We may experience this as separation from God or from the self and as frustrations in our relationships.This isn’t just about behavior, but also what drives us towards certain actions: our intentions and habitual ways of thinking and doing. 

In recent years many people have discovered the Enneagram personality typology to be a helpful tool for self-understanding and growth. 


1 Use the vocabulary of the Enneagram to help us explore our core motivations, scripts and fears.

2 Reflect on how the gospel might speak life to each personality type.

3 Consider the kinds of spiritual disciplines that are most helpful to particular personality types. 

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