Mark is joining the Vote Common Good Tour across 32 congressional districts in the U.S. to encourage voters to make choices informed by the message of the Beatitudes and the sermon on the Mount.

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"My faith does not call me to be a Republican or Democrat. My faith calls me to love God, and love my neighbor as I love myself. It is the conditions on the ground and in our political situation that is calling me to dislodge control of Congress from Republican control. It is my belief in the good news of God that compels me to use my vote as a tool to bring about the common good for all people. And, restraining this administration is a clear and present action I am compelled to take as a Christian."

West Virginia 1st CD - Morgantown, Sunday, October 7

Michigan 2nd CD - Holland, Monday, October 8

Minnesota 2nd/3rd CD - Bloomington, Wednesday, October 10

Iowa 4th CD - Sioux City - Thursday, October 11

Iowa 3rd CD - Des Moines/Ames - Friday, October 12

Nebraska 2nd CD - Omaha - Saturday, October 13

Kansas 3rd CD - Kansas City - Sunday, October 14 

Kansas 4th CD - Wichita - Tuesday, October 16 

Oklahoma 5th CD - Oklahoma City - Wednesday, October 17

Texas 32rd CD - Dallas - Thursday, October 18

Texas 10th Austin - Friday, October 19

Texas 36th CD - Houston - Saturday, October 20

Texas 7th CD Houston Area - Sunday, October 21

Texas 23rd/21st CD - San Antonio - Monday, October 22

Texas 16th CD - El Paso - Tuesday, October 23

New Mexico 2nd CD - Las Cruces  - Wednesday, October 24

Yuma Arizona Event at Border - Thursday October 25

California 50th CD - Escondido - Friday, October 26